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Art Gallery

Choose an image or request an original design complimentary to your event

Don't worry if your a first timer or feel you can't do this! You can! Promise!

We have paintings for kids, adults and 'couples' paintings!

The cost is $30 for each person for a two hour event

Kids 10 and under are $20 per person for a one and a half hour event

We can host up to 30 people, minimum party of 4

All images are 12"  x 12" 

*Original design requests are $30 and will be 

available for others to use in our gallery

*There is a $30 trip charge for anything over 30 miles from zip code 80125

*We accept cash, check, Venmo

*We do post photos from the parties on the web site, 

please let us know if you prefer not to have your photo displayed.


Please call or email us to schedule a session


Kristine Rayne Johnson

Owner Of My Paint Your Place

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